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From kneading to nudging, our feline friends give us so much and ask for little in return. These affectionate activities show that your cats trust you – and trust that you will take care of them. A long, happy and healthy life for any cat starts with a preventive plan that incorporates vaccines.

More cats are infected with rabies than any other pet in the U.S. And all it takes to contract this deadly disease is exposure to an infected animal through a bite.1 Vaccination is the best way to help protect your pet against rabies.

The PUREVAX ® Feline Rabies vaccines provide protection without the need for adjuvants, vaccine additives that may present potential risks to feline patients, such as injection site reactions and chronic inflammation.2,3

PUREVAX Feline Rabies vaccines are the only rabies vaccines made specially for cats. They are proven to provide effective protection that’s pure and safe.

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Your cat can come in contact with many animals that may have rabies. Once clinical signs appear, rabies is always fatal. It's time to help protect your cats. Download The PUREVAX® Feline Rabies vaccines brochure to learn more.
See how many times you can protect your cat from rabid invaders. Move your mouse to aim and click to fire.
See how many times you can protect your cat from rabid invaders. Touch your screen to aim and fire.

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Did you know that PUREVAX® Feline Rabies vaccines are the only adjuvant-free feline rabies vaccines? Adjuvants can present potential risks to cats including injection site reaction, injection site granuloma and chronic inflammation.2

Invite your friends to play using #VaxYourCat and help spread awareness about rabies and adjuvant-free feline vaccinations.

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